Introduction to Trust-Based Philanthropy

Introduction to Trust-Based Philanthropy

Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

More and more funders are embracing trust-based principles in response to the global pandemic. What are some of the changes funders are making, and how can we leverage this moment as an opportunity to reexamine our practices to support nonprofit sustainability and resiliency in the long-term? How could this benefit our collective work and humanity?

Join Maryland Philanthropy Network and the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project as we explore these very questions. After presenting a general overview of the interrelated principles of trust-based philanthropy, we'll engage in a discussion about how trust-based practice benefits whole systems — enabling both funders and nonprofits to do our work with more ease, authenticity, and joy. 

Participants will have an opportunity to hear from funders engaged in trust-based philanthropy, learn more about ways to put trust-based practices to work at their own foundations, and strategies to proactively address power imbalances in our grantee relationships.

Our speakers will be:

  • John Brothers, President, T. Rowe Price Foundation
  • Hanh Le, Executive Director, Weissberg Foundation
  • Philip Li, President & CEO, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation

This program is for Maryland Philanthropy Network members and invited guests only. This event will now be web-based and will begin at 10:00 AM.

Prior to this virtual program:

Be sure to check out this 2-pager on the Trust-Based Philanthropy Approach.

Also, the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project recently posted an interview with Hanh Le on their website which is a nice preview of what she'll talk about on the webinar. Click here to view the interview.