Black Funders Convening

Black Funders Convening

Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Welcome to the space for Maryland Philanthropy Network’s Black Executive Directors, Presidents, CEOs and experienced staff to connect, offer mutual support, and deepen relationships. As leaders and decision-makers in your foundations, you are bridge-builders, trend-spotters, and changemakers with the space to innovate while also keeping the long-game in mind. Join the conversation to learn and share your challenges and successes with peers.

From ABFE’s We Must be in it for the Long Haul to Associated Black Charities’ Ten Essential Questions for Philanthropic Grant-Making Policies and Practices, the call for foundations to be change agents—to  work to transform systems—and fund Black-led organizations specifically working for the self-determination of Black communities is clear. Meanwhile, Megan Ming Francis’ scholarship around white-dominated philanthropy’s history of Black “movement capture” highlights the reality of funder-grantee power dynamics and the role of trust-based practices in transforming systems. This work—whether it is funding Black-led organizations in the context of a sector whose giving patterns mirror the redlining of Black home loans in the 1950s or leading a board through conversations around racial equity as one of the few Black people in the room–requires an ability to hold many different truths all at once. This time will be an opportunity to reflect and process this moment, and this work, with peers who are experts in leading their institutions as well as experts in navigating white-dominated philanthropy. Some questions to consider:

  • What is your foundation’s end goal? Why do you work for your foundation?
  • What has been successful? What has been challenging?
  • How are you taking care of yourself?
  • What resources (affinity groups, practices, policies, language/framing, etc) have been useful?
  • How are you growing opportunities now for Black leaders in the future?

This event is open to non-MPN members as well. We encourage members to share with peers and have them register by emailing Charlotte Haase with their name, foundation, and foundation affiliation or title. 

This program is for Black CEOs, Presidents, Executive Directors, experienced staff and invited guests only.


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