Arts Funders Peer Learning Exchange

Arts Funders Peer Learning Exchange

Thursday, March 02, 2023, 3:00 - 4:30 PM

Over 300 arts organizations, hundreds of independent artists, and millions of Marylanders benefit from strong, statewide investment in the nonprofit arts sector. Sustained growth in funding means arts communities throughout Maryland can continue to cultivate robust impactful programming, providing a high quality of life to all residents. 

Join Maryland Philanthropy Network for a peer learning exchange for arts and culture funders. Discuss trends you and other funders are seeing and dig into exciting projects folks are funding. Are there projects or grantees your peers should know about? We encourage you to prepare to share a link, video, or another example of it with the group.

Lightly structured, these peer-to-peer exchange events are designed to integrate and learn from others in philanthropy through facilitation of the following:

  1. Strategy sharing and exchange of ideas around what other funders are working on.
  2. Stimulating new ways of thinking by sharing learnings and creating an environment conducive to discovery among the community of funders.
  3. Relationship building.

This meeting is for Maryland Philanthropy Network members only. Refreshments will be served for those who attend in-person.


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