Maryland Philanthropy Network values the perspectives and contributions of all people and seeks to incorporate the viewpoints of diverse communities in our work. We strive to create an open, compassionate, and trusting environment that facilitates learning, dialogue, and healthy debate to inform and strengthen philanthropy.

Below is information about how we try to create and maintain an inclusive environment that is accessible to those with disabilities. Please let us know if there are ways we can make Maryland Philanthropy Network more accessible by e-mailing Elisabeth Hyleck at

Presentation Accessibility

We ask all speakers to audio describe any visual content during programs and meetings. Alternate descriptive text will be included as appropriate on program materials. PDFs and PowerPoints may also be available for participants to follow along on their devices with their own accessibility settings upon request.

We encourage all speakers to create accessible presentation decks with:

  • large font sizes (18pt or larger),
  • simple fonts (Calibri),
  • uncluttered backgrounds,
  • high contrast between text and background,
  • image descriptions for all images,
  • limited animation and automatic slide transitions.

We encourage all attendees and speakers to:

  • speak clearly and keep their faces visible so that others can see their expressions to increase understanding and access,
  • remove as many background sounds by staying quiet or in virtual settings muted while not speaking.
Virtual Event Accessibility

We use the Zoom Meetings platform. We use Zooms automated closed captions and are happy to provide American Sign Language interpretation for our programs and meetings upon request. Please contact Charlotte Haase at as soon as you are able. Interpreters often require a minimum of 2 business days of advance notice, we will do our best to meet all requests.

Transcripts and video recordings can often be made available following events and programs.

Office Building Accessibility

Our office is located in a single-story building with free accessible parking directly in front of our suite. Our front door is accessed by a ramp and it remains locked throughout the day. Our staff is on hand to unlock and hold the door open, please use the call button to the right of the door for entry. Our office suite has a single-occupancy accessible restroom at the back left of the lobby/kitchen area along with a bank of additional gender-divided restrooms with accessible stalls in a shared hallway. Service dogs are, of course, welcome!