Senior Data Integration Specialist

Senior Data Integration Specialist

Hiring Organization: 
Baltimore Children & Youth Fund, Inc.

Title: Senior Data Integration Specialist

Location: Baltimore, MD - Hybrid Work Environment

Salary Range: $76,000 - $88,500 w/Full Benefits Package

Reports to: Director of Data Management

Baltimore Focus: Baltimore Children & Youth Fund (BCYF) is a Baltimore-centric and focused organization. BCYF has hiring requirements from the City of Baltimore to make best efforts to hire Baltimore residents first. Although the City allows consideration of qualified applicants residing outside of Baltimore, BCYF is committed to hiring the best people for the roles who know Baltimore, and the community, grassroots organizations, and ecosystem it is committed to serve. All positions will be posted with the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development in accordance with the Local Hiring Law.


All exempt hires are subject to annual financial disclosure requirements to the City of Baltimore Ethics Board. Cut and paste the financial disclosure requirements link to view

BCYF is committed to ensure that our children and youth are healthy, ready to succeed in school, and live in stable, safe, and supportive families and communities. We do more than grantmaking, we collaborate with grassroots organizations and community leaders to create new opportunities for the city’s young people to learn, thrive and succeed. BCYF awards grants to organizations that provide programs to thousands of Baltimore's young people -- from academic support and science exploration to dance and photography. BCYF is committed to authentic community engagement, and our strategy and grant decisions are shaped and led by Baltimore community members and youth leaders. Our core values of Ubuntu (a southern African term that expresses the idea that an individual’s well being is rooted in the community), Racial Justice, Intergenerational Leadership, and Community Ownership direct our partnerships with organizations that share our Black liberation worldview. Through our strategic investments, we strive to resource a future where children and youth throughout the city enjoy access to high-caliber enrichment and learning opportunities, and children and youth programs have the resources they need to equitably serve all our young people.

Click here to learn more about our story and our guiding values and principles.

This is a full-time position with full benefits, including health insurance, dental and vision insurance, paid time off, paid parental leave, paid holidays, internet allowance, paid mileage for local travel, and support for professional development opportunities.

Because Baltimore City is at the heart of our work, travel within the City is required. The ideal candidate will have an awareness of the social dynamics impacting the City and of the historical system of oppression that influences views of the City. The ideal candidate will navigate the City and interact with its citizens with a sensitivity to these factors.

BCYF provides a hybrid working environment that gives staff the flexibility to work remotely when not required for in-person meetings or tasks.

BCYF has a COVID-19 vaccination policy that requires employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment unless they have a medical or religious exemption. If offered the position, you will be required to provide evidence that you are fully vaccinated.




The Senior Data Integration Specialist works collaboratively with other members of the IT team in setting standards for database structures and integrations that enable advanced reporting and insights. Primary responsibilities will include creating and managing the integration of data collection tools and providing technical support to end users. Workflows and standards created by the Senior Data Integration Specialist will be used widely to move and transform data, preparing it for reporting and further analysis and consumption. 


  • Establishes standards for workflow design as well as database structures, based upon feedback from colleagues, industry trends, and best practices. 
  • Creates and manages new database structures (fields, layouts, views, etc.) and validates collected data using other sources to assist the reporting and analysis of survey data. 
  • Administers and configures integration of data collection tools. 
  • Collaborates with other members of the IT team to ensure that integrations align with existing platform architecture and strategies.
  • Communicates technical concepts to other staff and key stakeholders who have little to no technical ability. 
  • Develops and documents IT operational processes, methodologies and associated training related to system integrations. 
  • May conduct software needs assessment(s) and make 
  • recommendations to meet business needs and optimize data integration. 
  • Assist in the management and organization of company data using relational databases and basic SQL queries. 
  • Learn and provide support for the implementation of Airtable into our data management workflows under the guidance of experienced team members. 
  • Help ensure data accuracy and integrity by performing data entry and basic cleaning tasks.
  • Help ensure data accuracy and integrity by performing data entry and basic cleaning tasks. 
  • Support the creation of basic data reports and dashboards for various departments. 
  • Work with the team to understand data needs and contribute ideas for process improvement. 
  • Detail-oriented and creative issue-resolution


*While no candidate will possess every quality, the successful candidate will possess many of the following experience and attributes. (Preference will be given to candidates with a proven track record of scaling a start-up nonprofit or philanthropic organization.) Even if you aren’t sure but are excited about the position, we encourage you to apply!


  • Experience working within a complex integration environment.
  • Experience with designing data storage solutions for reporting purposes and ensuring data integrity or “cleanliness.”
  • Possesses technical and quantitative reasoning skills for understanding survey questionnaires, research methodologies, and the purpose of the research. 
  • Familiarity with survey data variable types and nuances.
  • Experience with CRM and/or relational databases. 
  • Experience with data collection tools. 
  • Active learner who adopts new tools and work processes quickly and solves problems creatively and independently. Ability to anticipate risks and devise solutions in the moment. 
  • Ability to manage one’s time and multiple projects with a positive, flexible attitude in a complex and rapidly changing work environment
  • Familiarity with Airtable or other database tools is a plus, but not mandatory. 
  • Familiarity of Cloud Computing fundamentals; specifically, iPaaS, IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. 
  • Experience designing, implementing, improving, and fixing integration solutions using a wide variety of data sources and targets.

Core Competencies
BCYF has identified eight core competencies for all BCYF employees. These competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that will align the staff in operationalizing the BCYF values.

  • Collaborating and building relationships:  Seeks information and input from other groups or teams when working on projects that will affect others. Willingly shares information with other groups or teams to help others reach their goals. Develops and maintains positive relationships with people in other departments and groups
  • Data-Informed action: Speaking with real data, Performance and improvements should be tangible and visible; Take personal responsibility for the success of the group.  Accountability*. Seek solutions and continuous improvement
  • Demonstrating strategic agility: Ensures organizational, as well as personal objectives are met. Maintains a positive outlook to support the adoption of change and advance progress. Willingly transitions when new methods or systems are implemented. Takes the lead in team improvement and/or setting new business directions.
  • Developing the potential of self and others: Looks for opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Searches for stretch assignments for self and/or direct reports. Finds ways to leverage others’ talents and strengths. Takes time to self-reflect and identify areas for self-improvement. When appropriate, provide timely,  direct, and actionable positive and corrective feedback to others.
  • Exercising integrity and credibility: Shares information in an honest and direct manner. Is seen as a truthful individual who can and will present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful way. Always lets people know where they stand. Doesn’t hold back anything that needs to be said. Provides timely, direct, and actionable positive and corrective feedback to others.
  • Focus on our service to our stakeholders: Humbly work to support our stakeholders, getting proximate with people, using asset-based approaches to co-create solutions, and prioritizing the experience of our stakeholders.
  • Fostering a radically inclusive community: Builds work products and interactions with intention. Examines personal bias and champions and models strategies for inclusion. Approaches conflicts as opportunities for improvement. Listens to understand different perspectives and interests. Builds agreement based on common ground. Able to resolve tough issues and settle disputes equitably.
  • Stewarding resources responsibly: BCYF aims to create value and eliminate waste by managing all resources carefully and responsibly.  Determining choice points with resources in alignment with BCYF values. Ethical and efficient use of resources, including financial, human, physical, environment, safety, information, and technology resources.

Equal Opportunity

BCYF is a 501c3 organization. We are firmly committed to complying with all federal, state, and local equal opportunity (“EEO”) laws. BCYF strictly prohibits discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment because of the individual’s race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, height or weight, disability, gender identity or expression, medical condition, including acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS-related conditions, marital status, partnership status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, military status, arrest record and any other characteristic protected by law. Accommodations will be made so that qualified disabled applicants may participate in the application process. Please advise in writing of special needs at the time of application. While performing the responsibilities of the job, accommodations will be made to enable people with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

Job Category: 
Publish date: 
Position Location: 
Baltimore, MD, Hybrid-Remote
Type of Position: 
Experience Requirement: 
1-2 Years
Submitting Organization: 
Baltimore Children and Youth Fund